Fair Haven Yacht Club

  Are you looking for a slip for the 2019 Season?  FHYC is offering a special membership deal for 2019!  When you pay for for a regular dock for 2019 at the normal rate,  Your Membership fee for 2019 is waived!  You save $495!  You will pay the FHYC Initiation Fee as described to the right

For Membership information

Contact John Coleman, Membership Committee Chairperson at: membership@fhyc.org

2019 Membership Special

Fair Haven Yacht Club Membership Regular Fee Schedules  Active Senior (31 years and older): $495 

Active Junior (18 thru 30 years): $220

Junior (12 thru 22 years if student): $85 

Special (60+ years and 10 year member): $260

Associate/Social: $180

Initiation Options  

Option A: $500 (Two payments of $275each)  

Option B: One payment of $500   

Fees  Slips:  

Regular: $1200 

Shallow: $600

Dry-sailing  (Limited use of docks): $125

Board Boat Storage: $75.00  

NYS Sales Tax of 8% included in dues